heart to brain to heart

heart: hey there brain πŸ™‚
brain: why hello there, what’s up? or should i say, what’s beating? πŸ˜›
heart: hahaha lame yet again huh?well nothing much. it’s just that sometimes i feel like giving up on you-know-what with you-know-who..
brain: hmmm it has been quite a long time since you last saw him huh?
heart: yeah, pretty much. almost a month 😦
brain: ohh don’t be sad..*hugs* maybe you should be a lil more patient. patience is a virtue kan?
heart: a month is quite patient already okay?
brain: :/
heart: you do know how hard it is for me to feel this way about someone right?
brain: yeah..i do
heart: and how every time there are mariposas in the tummy. every time. it’s exactly how it is in the movies you know. where i melt πŸ˜›
brain: haha you were always the die-hard romantic anyways. so what are you going to do?
heart: you tell me. you’re the brain, remember?
brain: i really don’t know. you know how indecisive i kind be, right?
heart: hahaha yeah totally. remember the time when you wanted to buy strawberry jam and you were debating on which brands to buy for like 1o minutes kot..so so kelakar..!
brain: LOL, anyways back on the topic
heart: *sighs* maybe i should just give up kan? i mean it’s not like i see him that much. and he’ll never get to see the real me or get ot know me better pun. damn. i really thought it will work out you know 😦
brain: whoa come on la. don’t give up just yet okay? just wait. time will tell and who knows what will happen. you just can’t tell. the unexpected always happens and it will surprise you.
heart: uh..how much time are we talking bout?
brain: it could be a week, a month, a year but yeah, just wait πŸ™‚
heart: what if it doesn’t end up the way i want it to be? cause sometimes i do feel it’s impossible
brain: i guess, just take it slow and go with the flow. now repeat that like a bagajillion times.

heart has signed out.

yeah, c’est la vie.

ramble later,



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