"life sucks"

the very common used phrase among all of us, right?

don’t you dare deny it.
nuh uh uh.

life has its own ups, downs and spinning arounds
and hell yeah, sometimes that sucks
but it’s not that bad all the time, no?
stop being so melodramatic you.

so what if your grades suck
its not like you can’t do anything about it
so what if that guy you like doesn’t like you?
it’s his loss anyways for not trying to see something real for once

so what if you had just one bad day
there are 6 more other days that you can smile about
so what if the waiter gave you the wrong order
well whoopdeedoo, finally, you’re trying something new

just stop complaining
and look at yourself
see that circle of people around you?
have you even noticed them all this while?

look in the mirror
look through those photographs
you have so much that you should be proud about
and you have so much to live for

why do you fret about all those pesky lil things?
when life could mean so much more
if you just stop and listen
just for awhile pretty please.

i was watching ACA and they were telling this story about a girl who has gone through 2 accidents her whole life (mind you, she’s just turning 8). devastating kan? so here i was expecting a sad story and already conjuring up images of the poor little girl on the bed and unable to move. then *poof* i see this girl walking and jumping up and down, full of life, full of spirit. you could see her eyes gleaming and glowing.

she is, in one simple word, HAPPY.

she’s content with what she has and grateful to be alive. everyday she goes about life like the accidents didn’t happen, like she hasn’t had visible scars of it, and i’m amazed at how she does that. how she just keeps on going even though it was almost impossible.

life is all about living right?
now, why is that such a problem again?

ramble later,



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