that crazy frog is doing the samba

mood: a lil bit stressed. period.

i have 1 lab report yet to finish
1 concert report that i haven’t even started on (since i haven’t been to one yet)
2 quizzes to still do and have to must get full marks on it *cross fingers*
1 report sheet to read and understand something from it. ugh.

but stress aside (all of the above),

i’m going to a BRAZILLIAN DANCE PARTY as part of my assignment for ADD yo!
so yeah, rigggghhhtt after my whiny post (see post below) mr. C put up new gigs for us to go to and one of them was this samba party on saturday night. thankyouthankyouthankyouuuuu 😀

partying as an assignment. NOT BAD. not bad at all 🙂

samba-ing her heart awaayyyy,


p/s: kam if you’re reading this, im still confused about the crazy frog haha
pp/s: ik heb hem niet gezien voor de laatste twee weken *sigh*


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