yes, drama.
can’t live with it, can’t live without it

who knew a subject (ADD in particular) would give me that much drama in a day?
i need to write 3 concert reports. okay, not a problem.
but going to a concert which is god-knows-where IS a problem.
and tickets priced at $76 IS a frickin’ problem.
hello, do you big peeps up there even care?
so now, i have two options,

option A: talk to those big peeps and give them a LARGE piece of my mind
option B: change to another subject

quite frankly, i am sort of prepared to change to another subject (yes, am totally aware of the 3 weeks of work i need to catch up with 😦 )
im already considering spanish (why la i didn’t take it at first? tell me)
or maybe guitar (no wait, i don’t have a guitar)
my mom told me to take english , to which i said, “nooooo, boring la ma!mesti got essaysss, taknak!”
or maybe a totally bla subject like ‘food for a healthy planet’. ugh.
but i really, really, really enjoy ADD with all the ketuking drums, dancing and singing tribal songs. haih..
ish, siapalah punye idea lahh to do these concert reports. stupido. dum dum.





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