"shallow la you"

so yes, it felt like a slap in the face
and yes, it snapped me back to reality
all this while i have been going on and on and on with how i believe in true love
where looks does not matter as much
where the heart is the first thing that a person sees
where being yourself is your best attribute
and here i am saying
“ala guys like that don’t fall for girls like that la”

so yes, i’m shallow
and yes, baru je sedar tadi
but it is kind of hard to believe when it has been the norm that ‘a certain kind of a guy gets a certain kind of girl’ (get it?)
okay, lemme give you a very simple example,
look at all the Disney films like, sleeping beauty, snow white, cinderella
do you see any princes falling for the makcik sapu sampah in any of ’em?
so theres beauty and the beast , tapi in the end the beast is still a drop-dead-gorgeous prince kan?
what about hunchback of notredame?
quasimodo liked esmeralda very much, but in the end, with that blonde dude jugak

so yes, ktorang di-brainwash rupenye
and yes, baru sedar tadi jugak.

a friend of mine once said (and repeatedly too),

“there are no such things as leagues”

and you’re so damn right
you know who you are 🙂

ramble later,



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