sexy but damn retarded

the title has everything to do with the 2nd bit of this post by the way.

part of an email i just received from my aunty,

On the news we saw the forest fire and Timo said ‘Oh no, Melbourne. Is that not where Kaka lives?’. He was worried about you.

timo is my baby cousin (mind you, he’s only 4 years old and he knows where Melbourne is) and kaka is well, kakak actually
i feel loved 😀


that was the theme of our sexy-but-retarded dance moves.
ateqs and i went to our first ever dance class in uni,
you know, to do something different from the very very ordinary life here (as i quote ateqs, “takde social life”)
so yeah, there we went, and tried to dance (it was jazz) and seriously memang retarded lah but hey, it was really fun 🙂
so we are definitely gonna embarass ourselves yet again (and we don’t even have to try too hard :P)


our “goals” are:
1. to learn how to dance
2. to go clubbing and flaunt it (but at the looks at it, excessive training is desperately needed)
3. social life comes alive hahaha

rambling yet again,



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