"life sucks"

the very common used phrase among all of us, right?

don’t you dare deny it.
nuh uh uh.

life has its own ups, downs and spinning arounds
and hell yeah, sometimes that sucks
but it’s not that bad all the time, no?
stop being so melodramatic you.

so what if your grades suck
its not like you can’t do anything about it
so what if that guy you like doesn’t like you?
it’s his loss anyways for not trying to see something real for once

so what if you had just one bad day
there are 6 more other days that you can smile about
so what if the waiter gave you the wrong order
well whoopdeedoo, finally, you’re trying something new

just stop complaining
and look at yourself
see that circle of people around you?
have you even noticed them all this while?

look in the mirror
look through those photographs
you have so much that you should be proud about
and you have so much to live for

why do you fret about all those pesky lil things?
when life could mean so much more
if you just stop and listen
just for awhile pretty please.

i was watching ACA and they were telling this story about a girl who has gone through 2 accidents her whole life (mind you, she’s just turning 8). devastating kan? so here i was expecting a sad story and already conjuring up images of the poor little girl on the bed and unable to move. then *poof* i see this girl walking and jumping up and down, full of life, full of spirit. you could see her eyes gleaming and glowing.

she is, in one simple word, HAPPY.

she’s content with what she has and grateful to be alive. everyday she goes about life like the accidents didn’t happen, like she hasn’t had visible scars of it, and i’m amazed at how she does that. how she just keeps on going even though it was almost impossible.

life is all about living right?
now, why is that such a problem again?

ramble later,



Forró anyone?

the BRAZILIAN DANCE PARTY was so awesomely awesome.

let me break it down to you,

Brazilian Dance Party= Hot Brazilian Guys who actually teach you how to dance (oh yeah, with you)

this combined with the oh-so-sexy-accent and the way they look at you straight in the eye with those gorgeous eyes


ooohh, and one of them goes to unimelb 😀

the night started off with us having pizza (papa gino’s you rawk! haha) and it was sooooo busy (since it was a saturday night) so we decided on take away and having it in the park. romantic, no?
then off we went to the par-tay! it was a really long walk and we obviously walked off the pizza. since we were hungry again by the time we got there.

the place is really cosy, with a big dance floor and a lil stage at the front (and red yellow lights-to get you in the mood :P). then, we learned how to dance the forró from these brazilians *swoons yet again*. at first, they taught how the feet went. and i thought, “nyeh, this is so kacang! i can do this in my sleep hahaha”. and then, comes the hand part and body part. i was like whoaaa.. how frickin’ awesome is thisss???. we started spinning around and really danced to the music. everyone was really good (no, im not included in that ‘everyone’, i’d call myself adequate hahaha) but there was this couple who really made me in awe with how they dance. they were so flow-y and it’s amazing how they kinda dance as one. looking at these people dancing, reminds me a lot of aruba and i realised how i miss it very much. there, its exactly the same thing, people dancing to the music, only that it was outside, with the wind blowing the palm trees around us and under the sky sprinkled with stars 🙂

so now *ehem* i know how to dance the forró yo!

that was only the first half of the party, i think. wasn’t actually keeping track of time. then, this guy (who i assume to be Carlos Ferreira) with his “band” started playing the samba. no, not the dancing-with-the-stars samba, its the really loud drums of Rio. he asked everybody to come to the front, “why you australians so shy? *brazilian accent* “and me being me, didn’t realise i was exactly in front of the boom box. they started playing and people started dancing to the drums (my eyes wander off to find HBG.. teehee :P). it was as if we were falling in a trance to the rhythms of the drums (yeap, serioouuslyyy) cause you’re feet just sorta move on their own haha. and i was practically deaf by the time they finish playing.

All in all, it was a crazy and awesome night. I LOVED it (and you too kan ateqs?)
i’m definitely gonna come again. DEFINITELY.

ramble later,


p/s: yes, i did take notes for my ADD concert report. how can i possibly forget the “main” reason i went there? hahaha

that crazy frog is doing the samba

mood: a lil bit stressed. period.

i have 1 lab report yet to finish
1 concert report that i haven’t even started on (since i haven’t been to one yet)
2 quizzes to still do and have to must get full marks on it *cross fingers*
1 report sheet to read and understand something from it. ugh.

but stress aside (all of the above),

i’m going to a BRAZILLIAN DANCE PARTY as part of my assignment for ADD yo!
so yeah, rigggghhhtt after my whiny post (see post below) mr. C put up new gigs for us to go to and one of them was this samba party on saturday night. thankyouthankyouthankyouuuuu 😀

partying as an assignment. NOT BAD. not bad at all 🙂

samba-ing her heart awaayyyy,


p/s: kam if you’re reading this, im still confused about the crazy frog haha
pp/s: ik heb hem niet gezien voor de laatste twee weken *sigh*


yes, drama.
can’t live with it, can’t live without it

who knew a subject (ADD in particular) would give me that much drama in a day?
i need to write 3 concert reports. okay, not a problem.
but going to a concert which is god-knows-where IS a problem.
and tickets priced at $76 IS a frickin’ problem.
hello, do you big peeps up there even care?
so now, i have two options,

option A: talk to those big peeps and give them a LARGE piece of my mind
option B: change to another subject

quite frankly, i am sort of prepared to change to another subject (yes, am totally aware of the 3 weeks of work i need to catch up with 😦 )
im already considering spanish (why la i didn’t take it at first? tell me)
or maybe guitar (no wait, i don’t have a guitar)
my mom told me to take english , to which i said, “nooooo, boring la ma!mesti got essaysss, taknak!”
or maybe a totally bla subject like ‘food for a healthy planet’. ugh.
but i really, really, really enjoy ADD with all the ketuking drums, dancing and singing tribal songs. haih..
ish, siapalah punye idea lahh to do these concert reports. stupido. dum dum.




estrellas de emocion

my weekly horoscope:

sunday, march 15th, ‘o9
Take things one step at a time as the week begins — you can’t rush ahead, no matter how badly you may want to! If you can pace yourself, you should be much happier with your love life by the end of the week or thereabouts. Wednesday through Friday are filled with good energy, and it’s particularly focused toward one special person. It’s easier to connect with them, and you should be able to get a little closer, even if it’s moving more slowly than you want. You’re focused on reorganizing your life or some small part of it this weekend, but it can be a joint project.

very funny.
*laughs hysterically*

ramble later,



“oh shit. i have to read that prac manual before tomorrow. nanti blur kurang sikit”

that blue prac book is my new best friend 🙂

“who else needs chloroform?”
“are you like canadian or something?”

2 sentences i don’t hear that often but i find them somewhat amusing.
me canadian? now that’s new. hahaha

“okay, move your hips like this and then move ’em there and there. now, do a sexy pose”

speechless. period.

“i want you guys *signalling a group of us* to play the low tone drums. okay, to play these kind of drums, you have to hold it slantly with your legs holding it up”

great *rolls eyes* i wore a skirt that day. not exactly easy, you know.
note to self: must need to wear pants on wednesdays.

“omg kelly!!!listen to this songgggg!!!”

our dream came true (me n ateqs). we were finally learning how to dance to the song ‘let me love u’ by mario. yay!

“if you arrange all 46 chromosomes in our cell, side by side, the length is like going to the sun and back”

whoa. i thought it was pretty awesome.
ye, memang im a geek.

“he’s just not that into you”

a chick flick that does not leave you brain dead throughout the movie and tells the truth to you straight out.
awkward moments? oh yes. especially sitting next to the pseudobrothers.
sweet? totally.
a must see? i think so 🙂

“i might have a suprise for you!okay bye! bye !byeeeeee!”


what the?

“good one lah, cunning tapi sweet”
“its legit la kelly”

thank you for keeping me sane and insane (in a good way of course)
and we will take it slow and see where it goes
eventho sometimes it felt like i was talking to myself in a cave 😛

ramble later,