the good, the bad and the ugly

the good:
i passed my worst subject of all time [chemistry] with flying colours 🙂 and yes, i was jumping up and down and screaming my arse off and hell yeah, it felt goooooodd!!!!!! someone up there does love me..hahaha

the bad:
i wanted to go donate my blood today at bourke street but in the end i couldn’t cause i had a sore throat. but the thing is, this sore throat was not the sakit-tekak-gile2-when-telan-also-sakit. its the makan-all-the-oil-fried-food kind. i felt perfectly fine but still direject *ouch* its okay, i was chickening out pon 😛 next friday la fo sho’

the ugly:
summer hollies are ending. this is my last friday, then comes my last saturday then last sunday and i’m trying to fill everyday with places to go. aiyo, so little time, so many places to go 😦
tapi kan, i am kinda looking forward for the new sem 😉

ramble later,



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