im not your type


1. I don’t wear ketat-gila-figure-hugging-clothes till I can hardly breathe (or walk). Sorry, I have this thing called ‘dignity’.

2. I LOVE my converse and ballet flats, not those superhigh heels that you want me to wear all the time and break my neck.

3. I prefer a sandwich over a cube of cheese for lunch time. Sorry, but ‘no pain no gain” is not tattoed on my forehead everytime I look in the mirror.

4. I’m not 36-28-36. Sorry, think I missed the memo for that.

5. I play and get hooked on computer AND video games. Yeah, missed that memo too.

6. I don’t paint my nails hot red or pretty pink, instead I paint them green, blue and black.

7. I’m not supposed to be funny. I’m the one who should laugh hysterically at you being funny (or trying to). Who made this rule?

8. I don’t change my hair colour like every single semester, just so “you like what you see”. Sorry, I would love to still have hair by the time I’m 50 thankyouverymuch.

9. I don’t spend hours and hours doing my makeup before and after class. “eek! my lipstick just smudged!” moderation people, moderation.

10. I’m not your definition of a girl(wth?)

Why are you so shallow la?
You must have knocked your head on the concrete somewhere.
Must have.

ramble later,


p/s: true love just doesn’t exist anymore, no?


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