taggity tag tag

Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you’re supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 (!) people to be tagged (a tad bit too many, no?) You have to tag the person who tagged you (da that was you!)

1. my second name is liyana [bet you didn’t know that huh]

2. i’ve only been to 1 musical (the king and I which was very the awesome) and 1 concert (stevie wonder) in my whole entire life [unless you count going to ‘Dora the Explorer’ with my cousins a musical]

3. i’ve always wanted to be in a band being the cool keyboardist and being the centre of attention [hahaha only the 1st part is true la]

4. i was the sombong kid in primary school [yea i know, hard to believe]

5. i don’t exactly know how to cook here in oz, i just throw in all sorts of things in and if i’m lucky it’ll turn out to be good..haha

6. i really wanna go backpacking all over south america

7. i like to eat serbuk milo mixed with susu tepung, that was like, my quick fix

8. i can pick locks [had a lot of practice during college days]

9. i like to sketch flowers, usually just pluck one and stare at it with my sketch book for a good 1 hour.

10. im a die hard romantic and im a self-proclaimed female cupid.

11. you can never forget my birthday. 3 letters, W.T.C. ring any bells?

12. i believe in true love. i have this childhood fantasy of growing old and living on a tropical island in the carribean sea..haih

13. i used to do graffiti… on paper mind you

14. i bake a mean cheesecake but my mom still says it’s her recipe haha

15. i love beaches on sunset and sunset at beaches

16. i’m a serial youtube-r

17. the first thing i check in the morning is the weather

18. speaking of, the weather is my mood maker

19. im an earring person if you know what i mean 🙂

20. i prefer burger king over mcd’s. the burgers are a hell lot more juicier and grilled! (healthy..verrryy healthy :P)

21.i wanna open a bakery. picture this, kelly’s bakery, has a nice ring to it la. ive even come up with a jingle hahaha

22. im addicted to almond butter and jam on toasted bread. delish!! 😀

23. i still want an iguana for my birthday and that was 5 years ago *sigh*

24. i’m outta ideas

25. zZz

ramble later,



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