the ramblings, randoms, reality and more:

summer is coming to an end (well, the holiday part of it)

i haven’t yet have a summer fling , nor fun (okay, maybe a bit of fun but still, this girl ain’t satisfied). and i think i’m ……….. on someone i don’t know at all (dayuummm)

and yes, i have become nocturnal over the past few days after the majyah exam and apparently not everyone is (im a lone nocturnal ranger in a busy metropolitan world which is only alive from 9 to 5 *sigh*)

oh and exam, results are coming out next week or so (they say 5 working days) and we shall see how my brain is able cram 6 months material into 6 weeks and how it did not go haywire at all.

i went to uni today to sneak into this lecture hall to play those B&W keys to untie some knots in my brain but it was locked and then tried to go to the sofa-ville place to read a book but there were too many people and plus it was hot (who turns on the heater in summer??), so i went to lie on the grass,in the park nearby, under a tree and read my book (and almost fell asleep, it was soooooo relaxing)

i saw a busker near myer’s and was surprised at how in tune he was with the guitar and the singing. i think he was blind (or not) but his voice sounded like a very-matured-low-key-jason-mraz-ish tone. i stood there for a while and saw these people just passing him by not even giving him a second look. okay, so he was not exactly brad pitt but still, his voice was amazing. tells you how people judge you by the way you look first, huh?

“nice girls always get the bad guys”, says a guy friend of mine. and i said, “well, b*tches always get the good guys”. let’s just face it, that is just how the world goes round and round, whatdya call it, opposites attract? we’re balancing the positive energy and the negative energy here right?so wrong in so many ways.

currently having my solo movie/series/youtube marathon, catching up with all the movies i’ve missed and not heard of before. and by the way, i watched 7 pounds. and hell yeah it’s a good movie! will smith rawks! loved him in pursuit in happiness too. both, a must watch.

i have a bruise the shape of a heart on my wrist (cool eh?) and i’m gonna donate blood next week! this is kelly trying to face her fear of the gigantic needle. definitely will update later if i’m still alive thanyouverymuch. pooped.

keeping it short and sweet (kiss),



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