totally random

11 totally random things about my last 6 months

1. people here generally loooooove to press the button at the traffic light one too many times. here’s when my brain goes: hellloooooo, it’s not gonna change any faster if you press that thing more times or faster.sheesh.biiisiiing je.

2. i have smoked in total, i think a whole pack of cigarettes (okok, maybe 5 sticks je) in a span of 5 months. but still kan, cancer is sooooo calling me 😦

3. when you think you have seen it all, haha you haven’t!.. on the way back form sydney road (where I usually get my meat and delish mediterranean food) I see a drive in, 24 hour florist..think they figured somehow, somebody wanted to buy flowers at 3am in the morning? Perfect timing for a proposal? or maybe for those people who just remembered a birthday or an anny? okaaaaylaah, very useful then. and we can’t even get a 24 hour tesco in msia.

4. burger king is called hungry jacks here. No idea why though. That jacks person must be really hungry [lame]

5. burger ramly here (not even the authentic tepi jalan one) is 10 dollars with fries. and i repeat, not. authentic.

6. subway (the sandwich place, not the underground “train” in london”) can be smelled from 4 floors up and is a purrfect wake up call for me 😛

7. aussie people love them commercial jingles..and the thing is, the commercials are repeated one too many times in a 5 minute span..and soon, the jingles are stuck in your head and you find them singing them to class not to mention, people looking at you weirdly
oh yeah, and some of them are beyond oh-so-lame. but then again, some of them do end up in my itunes playlist.

8. the postman (and woman) here dress in the brightest orange vest ever (imagine the highlighted orange) and they ride bicycles *kaching kaching*. That’s one job I can cross off my list.

9. talking about orange, as summer comes along, the people here turn to an orange-y colour, yes fake tan comes in season yo! im sooo lucky to have it naturally. yeah, right.

10. spring is mating season. Definitely. You find yourself surrounded by love birds. it’s like cupid going berserk with those arrows.

11. barbie means barbeque here and brekkie breakfast. so to talk oz, just tolak the last syllable and add an -ie. tada!

ramble later,



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