the good, the bad and the ugly

the good:
i passed my worst subject of all time [chemistry] with flying colours 🙂 and yes, i was jumping up and down and screaming my arse off and hell yeah, it felt goooooodd!!!!!! someone up there does love me..hahaha

the bad:
i wanted to go donate my blood today at bourke street but in the end i couldn’t cause i had a sore throat. but the thing is, this sore throat was not the sakit-tekak-gile2-when-telan-also-sakit. its the makan-all-the-oil-fried-food kind. i felt perfectly fine but still direject *ouch* its okay, i was chickening out pon 😛 next friday la fo sho’

the ugly:
summer hollies are ending. this is my last friday, then comes my last saturday then last sunday and i’m trying to fill everyday with places to go. aiyo, so little time, so many places to go 😦
tapi kan, i am kinda looking forward for the new sem 😉

ramble later,



im not your type


1. I don’t wear ketat-gila-figure-hugging-clothes till I can hardly breathe (or walk). Sorry, I have this thing called ‘dignity’.

2. I LOVE my converse and ballet flats, not those superhigh heels that you want me to wear all the time and break my neck.

3. I prefer a sandwich over a cube of cheese for lunch time. Sorry, but ‘no pain no gain” is not tattoed on my forehead everytime I look in the mirror.

4. I’m not 36-28-36. Sorry, think I missed the memo for that.

5. I play and get hooked on computer AND video games. Yeah, missed that memo too.

6. I don’t paint my nails hot red or pretty pink, instead I paint them green, blue and black.

7. I’m not supposed to be funny. I’m the one who should laugh hysterically at you being funny (or trying to). Who made this rule?

8. I don’t change my hair colour like every single semester, just so “you like what you see”. Sorry, I would love to still have hair by the time I’m 50 thankyouverymuch.

9. I don’t spend hours and hours doing my makeup before and after class. “eek! my lipstick just smudged!” moderation people, moderation.

10. I’m not your definition of a girl(wth?)

Why are you so shallow la?
You must have knocked your head on the concrete somewhere.
Must have.

ramble later,


p/s: true love just doesn’t exist anymore, no?

taggity tag tag

Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you’re supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 (!) people to be tagged (a tad bit too many, no?) You have to tag the person who tagged you (da that was you!)

1. my second name is liyana [bet you didn’t know that huh]

2. i’ve only been to 1 musical (the king and I which was very the awesome) and 1 concert (stevie wonder) in my whole entire life [unless you count going to ‘Dora the Explorer’ with my cousins a musical]

3. i’ve always wanted to be in a band being the cool keyboardist and being the centre of attention [hahaha only the 1st part is true la]

4. i was the sombong kid in primary school [yea i know, hard to believe]

5. i don’t exactly know how to cook here in oz, i just throw in all sorts of things in and if i’m lucky it’ll turn out to be good..haha

6. i really wanna go backpacking all over south america

7. i like to eat serbuk milo mixed with susu tepung, that was like, my quick fix

8. i can pick locks [had a lot of practice during college days]

9. i like to sketch flowers, usually just pluck one and stare at it with my sketch book for a good 1 hour.

10. im a die hard romantic and im a self-proclaimed female cupid.

11. you can never forget my birthday. 3 letters, W.T.C. ring any bells?

12. i believe in true love. i have this childhood fantasy of growing old and living on a tropical island in the carribean sea..haih

13. i used to do graffiti… on paper mind you

14. i bake a mean cheesecake but my mom still says it’s her recipe haha

15. i love beaches on sunset and sunset at beaches

16. i’m a serial youtube-r

17. the first thing i check in the morning is the weather

18. speaking of, the weather is my mood maker

19. im an earring person if you know what i mean 🙂

20. i prefer burger king over mcd’s. the burgers are a hell lot more juicier and grilled! (healthy..verrryy healthy :P)

21.i wanna open a bakery. picture this, kelly’s bakery, has a nice ring to it la. ive even come up with a jingle hahaha

22. im addicted to almond butter and jam on toasted bread. delish!! 😀

23. i still want an iguana for my birthday and that was 5 years ago *sigh*

24. i’m outta ideas

25. zZz

ramble later,



the ramblings, randoms, reality and more:

summer is coming to an end (well, the holiday part of it)

i haven’t yet have a summer fling , nor fun (okay, maybe a bit of fun but still, this girl ain’t satisfied). and i think i’m ……….. on someone i don’t know at all (dayuummm)

and yes, i have become nocturnal over the past few days after the majyah exam and apparently not everyone is (im a lone nocturnal ranger in a busy metropolitan world which is only alive from 9 to 5 *sigh*)

oh and exam, results are coming out next week or so (they say 5 working days) and we shall see how my brain is able cram 6 months material into 6 weeks and how it did not go haywire at all.

i went to uni today to sneak into this lecture hall to play those B&W keys to untie some knots in my brain but it was locked and then tried to go to the sofa-ville place to read a book but there were too many people and plus it was hot (who turns on the heater in summer??), so i went to lie on the grass,in the park nearby, under a tree and read my book (and almost fell asleep, it was soooooo relaxing)

i saw a busker near myer’s and was surprised at how in tune he was with the guitar and the singing. i think he was blind (or not) but his voice sounded like a very-matured-low-key-jason-mraz-ish tone. i stood there for a while and saw these people just passing him by not even giving him a second look. okay, so he was not exactly brad pitt but still, his voice was amazing. tells you how people judge you by the way you look first, huh?

“nice girls always get the bad guys”, says a guy friend of mine. and i said, “well, b*tches always get the good guys”. let’s just face it, that is just how the world goes round and round, whatdya call it, opposites attract? we’re balancing the positive energy and the negative energy here right?so wrong in so many ways.

currently having my solo movie/series/youtube marathon, catching up with all the movies i’ve missed and not heard of before. and by the way, i watched 7 pounds. and hell yeah it’s a good movie! will smith rawks! loved him in pursuit in happiness too. both, a must watch.

i have a bruise the shape of a heart on my wrist (cool eh?) and i’m gonna donate blood next week! this is kelly trying to face her fear of the gigantic needle. definitely will update later if i’m still alive thanyouverymuch. pooped.

keeping it short and sweet (kiss),


stupid cupid, stop hitting on me


here’s me sending hearts and love to the whole wired world 🙂

.accidentally in love.ada apa dengan cinta.ain’t no way (you won’t love me).ain’t that love.all about lovin‘ you.all i need for love.all in love is fair.all out of love.all the love in the of love.back to your heart because you loved me.before i fall in love.before your love.bleeding love.broken hearted girl.burning love.can’t buy me love.can’t help falling in love.can’t imagine love without you.can you feel the love tonight.chemical love.cherish the love.cinta.cintamu.confessions of a broken heart.contract on love.corazon espinado.corazon no llores.crazy in love.crazy little thing called love.that’s when i love you.the day that began.the game of love.dear heart.did i hear you say you love i love you believe in love.don’t call this love.don’t know why i love you.don’t play with our love.dreaming with a broken heart.don’t phunk with my heart.endless love.everlasting love.falling in love with you.first love.for the love.for your love.forever in love.from my heart to yours.gangsta lovin’.give your heart a chance.greatest love of all.goodbye my lover.the heart asks for pleasure first.hard on my love.hate that i love you.have you really loved a woman.heart of glass.hello young lovers.hey can i not love could an angel break my deep is your love.hymne l’amour.i’ll be loving you long time.i’ll show you love.i’m gonna make you love me.i believe in a thing called love.i can love you like that.i call it love.i cross my heart.i don’t know why i love you.i don’t love you.i don’t love you no more.i hate you then i love you.i have always loved you.i honestly love you.i just called to say i love you.i knew i loved you.i lay my love on you.i love you.i need love.i love you too much.i love every little thing about you.i said i love you.i stay in love.i think i love you.i think that i’m in love with you.i want to love you forever.i wanna make her love me.i want to be loved by you.i was made to love her.i will always love you.i will learn to love again.i will still love you.if it’s loving that you want.if she breaks your heart.if this isn’t love.if you really love me.ill be loving you forever.i’ll never break you heart.i’m still in love with you this must have been’s gonna be love.kerna ku sayang heart.ketulusan hati.l.o.v.e.let’s talk about our love.let love i love you.lil‘s been good to‘s in need of loving a go and having you in this is it when you like light in story.a love that will to see you was you you so.lovegame.lovefool.lovers and friends.lovestoned.make it up with love.making good love.mariage de amour.mencintaimu.a million love songs.more than a love for of my cherie love is your love is with paper heart.never my love, ask the york i love me ames.not in love.nothings gonna change my sweet love.the one who holds my heart.p.s i love you.paint my love.para tu amor.part time lover.pencinta wanita.when a man loves a woman.rocket love.saving all my love for you.seasons of love.secret love.selalu jauh dari cinta.send me some lovin’.send one your love.shape of my heart.slow love.stand up for love.still in love.the love.tearing up my heart.teenage love affair.tell your heart i love you.tender love.tetaplah kau jadi cinta.the thing about love.this is for the lover in you.someone to love.this love.a time to love.the trouble with love is.true to your heart.true love.tu amor.tu amor me hace bien.u don’t love me.u don’t love me no took my heart away.un amore per sempre.unforgettable love.unbreak my heart.valentine.wahai kau cinta.wait for love.wanna love you girl.way back into love.when i fall in love.when you tell me that you love me.what’s love.what now my love?.where is your heart at?.will work for love.with a song in my heart.with each beat of my heart.would that make you love me.yo te give love a bad took my heart.young make you feel my love.

yours truly,