she popped the right question

called up one of my oldest friends today
we knew each other since we were 7 year olds, blur, kanak-kanak ribena
and you know how these calls go,
gossips about friends and reminisce about those silly times (most of it, my silly times)
but the first thing she asked, “what happened to your song?
i really didn’t know what happened, it’s like a prolonged writer’s block.
no inspiration.
or i just lost it somewhere along the line.
the song was half-finished (i think).
then she said i must have the notes from the song still.
and whoa, i have no idea where they are.
the notes and that part of my brain that id like to call inspiration.


i must go find it nanti when im back.
must be burried in my junk somewhere (
knowing me)

ramble later,


p/s: thanks emyl 🙂


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