tennis hodown

VAMOS NADAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
HE WON!!!!!
it was an awesome match (longest match in history)eventho i still don’t know the game sooo well. but whoa, that really really made me sit on the edge of my seat! it was during the last set that i just had to mute the tv (nerve wrecking gila lah)

so finals, FEDERER and NADAL. sunday nite people! make sure you’re in front of your tubes for another awesome match 🙂

ramble later,

kays ♥


2 thoughts on “tennis hodown

  1. EH!EH!!I was watching!! Gile ah! Kudos to Rafa, but just think, if Verdesco hadn’t made all those unforced errors, who knows. Tension tengok match ni. My sister is a major Rafa fan, every time an advantage for Nadal went back to a deuce she’d be furious, haha.Kelly. jom jimat duit and go see a match next year. I don’t mind staying 5 hours in rod laver :p


  2. ATEQQQSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!hahahah i knowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwi was soooooo nervousssss!!!i know kann?this one time verdesco got soooo mad, he practically gave marks away to nadal. he needs an anger management course..:Pjomjom!i dont mind, ill have u to explain the game to me 🙂PLUS i get to see nadal and federer p/s:wth happend to roddick la?


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