mr.heat the hero

when you thought the heat couldn’t be any more unforgiving,
the heat turns to be the hero-of-the-day 🙂
i was walking to uni when my friend called and told me that lab is cancelled. i was like, “whaaaattt?you’re kidding!” and she said, “if you don’t believe me, go read the notice“. so okay, there’s no lab (lab classes are never my best moments anyways, im blur and uber clumsy). i was happy (i guess) i would be happier if i was at home when i knew about it, not a few more steps from the lab class.
so after whining and complaining about all the 43 degrees air that i had to go through,

that little voice in my brain goes: wake up you!no. lab. class .no sweaty gloves and annoying chemical substances to dry/filter/weigh. and the best yet, no reports to write! *pokes brain*

okayyyy, if you put it that way…im jjjjjumpiing ouuuuuuwwwuuuuut of my socks!wootwoot!

and because of all the extreme heat melbourne is having, there were cancellations with some (or most) the public transportation, causing a LOT of people time and money (and sweat)
so what is the higher power doing about it?


i miss spring. period.

ramble later,



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