gone youtube crazy

ive gone officially youtube crazy.period.
i watched reruns of ‘whose line is it anyway’ (those guys are soo damn funny!) and encountering peculiar yet interesting videos (makes you wonder how some people have so much time)
but whatever,
i found these two awesome groups who use their voices as the voice part AND the instrument part in their songs.
one’s called naturally 7 and the other audiofeels. a must listen! they’re awesome!

ramble later,


p/s: by the way, its gonna be a hot week.no, i dont mean hot like 30 celsius (that’s considered oh-so-chilly here), i mean ‘the fortieeees’..and to make matters worse, there is NO airco in class. i repeat in selooowwww moowwttiioonn, nooooo airrccoooooo…im filled with delight..yay.


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