don’t be fooled…

by silly chick flicks

ill admit, i LOVE those kind of books/films and just melting with the way the guy is soooooo insanely romantic and sensitive and *swooooooons*, especially how every flick ALWAYS ends/starts with a happy tearful joyful yada yada everything.
but then, it HIT me one day, these stories never DO happen in real life (not in this life time, no)
ill give you a few examples:

MYTH 1:You see a REALLY cute guy in class and suddenly your eyes meet his, the lights in the class appears dim, he walks up to you, sits right next to you, your heart is beating fast, REALLY fast and *poof* he asks you out and within the next month you guys are insanely in love .
FACT: love at first sight aint gonna happen for any two butt-ugly-muke-kene-langgar-lorry people. sorry, but it IS true.

MYTH 2:You might just bump into a guy u fancy/like/crushing while rushing through the hallways to get to class with arms FULL of books
and yeah, you guessed it everything falls on the ground, he says sorry, helps you out, asks your name bla bla bla
FACT: i have yet to see a girl to carry as many books in her arms as i see in the movies and what ARE the odds of you crashing into somebody anyway and even more, your crush?

MYTH 3: The guy that you were eyeing since foreverrr (say it with a slang) happens to live in the same apartment and you have these odd meetings in the lift every now and then. one day, you get a note under your door “i dropped my towel on your balcony, would you be so kind if you gave it back to me?” and wadyaknow, its the GUY!
FACT: aiyo, and again, what ARE the odds la?

so yeah, chick flicks are sooo not real and pathetically, it gives false hope to those who wants to find true love or whatever. Riiiiigghtt.

here’s my mantra for you:
wake up wake UP
dont be fooled
get real

now rinse your brain and repeat that for a million times a day.



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