its been awhile

HAPPY NEW YEAR people!!!
2.o9 here we gooooo! (:
aahh..another year, and as cliche as this may sound, i have a few o9 resolutions. i knowww that having these new year resolutions is kinda like not-gonna-happen-“dreams” since most of the time it is never, ever resolved, you’re sitting there, going through “THE LIST” and you’re like “okay, ill do that right in january (here’s you dreaming waaaaayy to BIG)and that maybe after easter and that…emmm 3 months before christmas?”. then, ur brain goes to procrastination mode and tada! at the end of the year, you find yourself saying, “oh well! ill do it next year”. and so, new year resolutions are never resolved most of the time, well at least for that year itself haha. but what the heck, ill just keep trying 😛 lose the extra baggage i gained during the holidays (which was only for like, a month???)
2.not studying at the last minute this summer and the rest of the year(thats my ultimate new year’s resolution since like FOREVER). the thing is, studying last minute works for me. dilemma shilemma..pffftt!
3.not holding back and just go ahead do anything my heart wants to do and stop listening to my brain. these two are not exactly at the same wavelenght if you catch my drift
4.take more pics of everything and anything. maybe even try giving photography a go 🙂
5.start writing a diary/update the blog more often
6.having a little more faith in myself live every day to its fullest-esss appreciate, realise faster and love more

and the rest, im still thinking about it :S
neways, im back in melbourne for summer school because i gotta do ONE SINGLE subject which is required for the rest of my course (suckssss!! as my hollies was cut short). but then again, when WILL i experience summer in aussie (since ill be coming back most/all of the time)?
that will be my 9th reso: the glass is freaking half FULL!

uh..think thats it for now
im pooped
jet lag sucks

till later,


p/s:im falling, falling very hard this summer (:


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