i have lost my tag-virginity to ateqs
HAHAHA somehow, that sounds so wrong
but aaaannnywaaays,

The 7 most random/weird/unknown things about yours truly:

1.I was the only child until I was almost 9 (darjah 3). So when my sister came along, I went to see her for the very first time in the hospital. As I was carrying her in my arms, my immature brain says: that is SO not my sister, it looks like a small red alien baby!

2.I believe mermaids exist..haha..!!but yeah, been holding that hope on seeing one ever since The Little Mermaid..see how Disney can effect kids like me?( I call it disneynitis)

3.I learned to ride the bicycle when I was 15 (yeah, not exactly normal..late bloomer I say) because i didn’t want petrified to take my training wheels off when I was 9. And so, that one fine winter day in December, I learned to ride a bike..woot..but after getting 11 bruises (yeah I counted!) all over and riding into a hedge.

4. I failed my PTS (I forgot what it stands for but it lets anyone who passes it jump a grade). There were two parts to it, IQ and my “native” language, Bahasa Malaysia. I failed one of those parts. Guess which one is it? Yyeeeaap, the language part..what orang melayu fails bahasa melayu? ME

5.Sleeping for me is THE most essential drug. I sleep, A LOT.

6.I freak out at the sight of ANY animals which have more than 4 legs/ less than 1 leg (especially the ones with waaaaayy too many legs). But one thing, im O-kay with snakes tho and oh, I think frogs are reallllyyy cute! Not.toads.

7.I LOVE rollercoasters!!i am definitely a self-proclaimed rollercoaster addict. the fastah, the loopiah, the whole lot bettah! The best ever rollercoaster ride was in eurodisney (it’s the disneynitis, you see) Rock n Rollercoaster, it was REALLY fast and REALLY loopy!! and oh my, the adrenaline rush felt like i was on drugs or somethingg 🙂


p/s: i tag…….*drum rolls* syiraaa~


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