its those moments

it started like this:

kay: am i reaaaaallllyyyy invited?? how EXACTLY did the invitation go?
my brain: i soooo dont like to be a plus one..(its just me)..note to self:to change, or not to change
kam: yes laa, i asked nuds to ask him
kay: u whattt???
kam: yea, datang je la
kay: aha…but but…ill feel sooo janggal!
kam: *hesitates*..janggal?taklahhh…i dont see why you nak rase that way *makes that face*
my brain: uh..DUH!! not exactly the in-group la
kam: well, up to you (i seriously, hate those 3 words). i dont wanna force you (i hate feeling guilty!)

and then,

kay: *monologue*..should i really go? i so dont wanna feel awkward!
my brain: i should just go..right?
kay: okaylaaa ill go to the party, but thennnn??what if what ifff???UGH..
my brain: just GO..stop holding back..remember? who cares if u were not invited “the right way” , just get ur self dressed and goooooo~
kay: *stresses* aiyo, what to wear?:P

later, at the party,
i went to pig out on party food (yum nachos!) and then, raf n ran sang a birthday song for the alia (the birthday girl)..which was realllyyy nice..:)..then, a few hours later, everybody started going home and i inched myself to the keyboard..heheh..i rellyy miss spending hours and hours on the piano..keyboard pun jadilah..:) . the other were listening to music ..i think (was too into the kb)

then….all of a sudden (well, sort of)
milo (alia’s boyfriend) asked me to play the keyboard, nuds the guitar, his bro, another guitar, ran the drums and him the bass..and and…we were JAMMING!!..hahaha pardon my giddiness, but this is the first time ever for me. We started playing ‘ i wanna hold your hand’ by the beatles and gosh, i was on cloud 9 laa. i was ecstatic. happy. on top of the world. u name it la..then we played ‘ pretty woman’..which was also awesomeee!!..then ‘brown eyed girl’ which was oklaa..hahaha!the important thing is, i really liked it! i liked being in a band (eventho it was for only one night). i got this feeling inside me (no, this is not going to sound corny) that is sooooo unexplainable! ive only felt like that 3 times only in my whole entire life! yeah, its THAT special..

the next day,
ikeaaa!!! i bought a notice board to hang it in front of my desk (since the wall is sooo boringly white and i cant stand it) and yay! it makes sooooo much difference. my room now is more me-ish, more colour *sighing happily* and definitely, more interesting..hihi so perasan :D. aina FINALLY bought her chair and a new quilt cover which us three (me, aina and ateqs), brought everything all the way to aina’s apartment (up hill, down hill). thankfully, we took the tram, the city tram, which is always crammed with people (since its free..heh). then, we hung out at aina’s place and ate kuih raya and assembled aina’s chair, which we salah pasang.

my brain: u did not study, eh?
me: uh….

monday, 20th october ‘o8
the best birthday present EVER!!!! period. i went to stevie wonder’s concert which was soooooo AWEFREAKINGSOME!!!!.seriously, i almost cried (or possibly did!) when i saw him!!!! i just couldn’t believe that i was the same country. in rod laver arena. in the SAME ROOM as one of my idols..heeee..and shockingly, my seat was pretty good! it was a FULL HOUSE! i could see the whole stage, and there is no one in front of me so yeah, i was really lucky. and i think, i was the 3rd youngest in the whole crowd. i was sitting in between two older ladies, i know one was a granma, and she was showing another granma a picture of her grandchild..hahahha (felt a bit out of place there)..but okay, back to the stevie wonder, he started off with his harmonica and fuh, he sang a lot of songs! he even sang one with his daughter and gosh, her voice is sooo nice. at one point, stevie wonder was talking about the world, how the planet is actually dying with all the hatred in the world right now and how people, no matter where they are, judge people based on the colour of their skin and not the colour of their character. he even said that other people see his blind-ness as a disability but then again, he has the ability to see a person’s heart. so true! i dont understand why certain people are so prejudiced towards other people who are not their own kind and how supreme they think they are. hello, nobody elected you to rule us la! then stevie wonder started to say, “that is why, on the 4th of november, im gonna vote yes for B.O”. i guess he believes that there is something about B.O and that he can change the world, unite the people of the world and make it a better place again. we’re given only one earth , why dont we just share it? aanywayss, stevie sang For Once in My Life, Ma Cherie Amour, Lately, Isnt She Lovely, and Sugar Pie Honey Bunch and lots moreeee but those are among my favourite! took heaps of pictures , but i didnt get his autograph tho.. that would be ultimately the best-est birthday present ever!..ahaha but hey, at least i got to see him and hear him sing (his voice didnt change at all btw), LIVE !
him playing the piano+band
THE stevie wonder

full house

him+daughter ayesha

that was definitely the best weekend ive ever had!!!.so far 🙂

p/s: 5 more weeks and i get to see my fam..cant wait! i miss them too much already.

till later,



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