the quirky part of life

Ever thought of how people around you really appreciate you or even care about you? Does it even matter? Sometimes I think people don’t realise with what they have (or who they have in their life) until that something or that someone is wiped off the face of the earth. And then, they drown themselves in a pool full of regrets, regrets, and more regrets. They realise of how stupid they were (or still are) and start to cry and weep and reminisce about the good and bad times they had. They realised it’s too late to say sorry for the time they should have spent with that person, the stories they should have shared, or even the silly jokes they should have laughed together. They get so caught up with what is in front of them, and well, don’t realise who was always beside them. This makes me wonder more, how do we know when we should still walk side by side with, through it all and when we should just stop and let them go. And walk away. Walk in a different park and maybe find another who might seem to care about you at first, but in the end, it ends the same for you. Is that what they meant when they say, people come and go, and leave footprints in your heart? Up to a point, you feel so numb, you find yourself saying, “What footprints?”. And there you are, a lonely stranger walking in a park. Life is quirky.


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