the moon has a new face

.raya ‘o8.aaah yess..(bit late tho) but still, raya~..first time ever without the family..nonono this is not gonna turn into one of those im-emo-di-pagi-raya blog..hahah anyways, went to malaysia hall with kamyateqsdinanuds and well..celebrated!..haha makan2 and mingle2 ..even met my classmate from U and a few super duper seniors from college and one of em reminds me of yes..i saw ‘him’ again..the first time was in some restaurant during ramadhan and i didn’t even recognise him at first..i was telling kamy overrr n overrr n overr again.. “that dude is fecking familiarr!!!”..soo after all my lil brain cell people hav searched all the drawers of my very very messed up brain..and *ding*..that ‘him’ was my first ever crush when I was 10..haha yeahh..met him again 10 years later (heck of a long time kan?)..he looked exactly the same just olderr.. *sigh*..brings back them memories..n me being me didn’t had the guts to go over to him and say hi..oh woo is me..LOL..n soo I promised myself to tegur the next time (which the odds are very very very….LOW)..but know when they say ‘ive got them butterflies in the tummy’?..well mine was on crack the whole time..haha..okok back to we were sitting down on the “covered-cement”, the wind was suddenly blowing reallly realllyy hard and all of us had a hard time eating (except for nuds n dina of course *men*)..n I put my plate down..tibe2 a gush of wind blew my plate away onto kamy’s baju raya and bag *in a state of shock*..i felt sooo baaddd!!..:(..quickly helped her wash away all the crap out of her ateqs quote, ‘the raya tragedy’..i was like, “heyy..those kinda stuff only happens to it like, contagious or something??”..haha *lame* then I got my fair share of the raya tragedy when my foot terlanggar kamy’s bowl of food..n foooott had foooddd..kamy pulak felt nw we’re even..:P..n so that was the story of ‘the raya tragedy’..after a series of cam-whoring ala raya..we went home and everybody fell asleep in the apartment for awhile..afterwards we went to kamy’s cousin’s open house..(open apartment actually..:P) ,which was actually aina’s house (more eating *duh*) and then went back home because it was getting dark, windy and cold (i soooo wanted to go to the beach that day 😦 ) that nite..we were suppose to go to nud’s place to bake cookies~ but then, both of us kinda slept and both kinda waited on each other to wake each other hahah..we kinda ended up not doing yeah, that was raya for me here.

Kinda dull u might say, but hey, as long as im surrounded by people I love, I coudn’t ask for more, no?


till later,



2 thoughts on “the moon has a new face

  1. are you saying the butterflies in your tummy was on crack ke your tummy itself was on crack? 😛 hahahaeh,chop2. How is it that kamy’s cousin’s house turned out to be aina’s house? roxy looks gorgeous as usual,though. pandang2 ceiling pun boleh nampak gorgeous,heh.


  2. hahahajust to make it crystal clear here..the butterflies in my tummy (and u can say the tummy as well lah) were on crack *crap*noo..kan her cousin is friends with aina’s apartment mates soo..they “shared” an open house..i knowwww…!!roxy is sooo huggable seyh..:P


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