funny little frog

first and foremost. ateqs, aina and I made kuih raye hereee!!!oh happy me :D..last thursday, i woke up at 3 pm…yeayea i knoww thats like super uber late bt then again, my biological clock has been quite crazy since the zaman of the 2ooo word now i have “evolved” into a nocturnal creature (??) practically leaving in another time zone *phooey* and oyy..classes start next monday *double phooeeyy*..well okok..let’s get back to some happy thoughts..that thursday, it was suppose to rain..but it was SOOO sunnyy n i freakin slept till 3 pm *ppfftt*..and it wud b later if aina didnt ring me..haha..n soo i got my butt up and went straaaigghtt to go see aina in melbourne central n helped her pick out stuf for her parents..just so u knoww..i HATE wasting a sunny day..anyhoo..that n aina went to ateq’s place to bake then ended up making soft oatmeal cookies which were sooo ultimately..definitely…the best oatmeal cookie ive tasted eva!!tada!!

..hee..and then..browniess..which were reallllyyy chocollatteeyyy n moiissstt..:)..n lastly..made blueberry muffins and cupcakess..n wen we were done it was almost 12 am..n soo me n aina pun slept over cz didnt dare to go before that..ate a hell-lot of cookies and brownies and muffinss…the nex day ughh..stil felt n ateqs went to the beach!!..oooh it was soooo stil, i like aruba’ s waaayyy better…and at sunset u cud see (tho the possibility is realllyyy..realllyy LOW) penguins and uh…water rats (yea weird i knwww)..hahaha..and the day before that or so, me n kam went to the Carlton Gardens and relived our childhood there..(well i was more into it..hehe)..played on the swings!!..was soo happy didnt have to queue like 10 years ago..haha talk about sugar rush~..oh yea n i went to the museum 3 times in a weekk!!(its free for students) oh geeky the museum here is awesommeeee!!..and i was boreeedd..!!and next to the museum its this building called the Royal Exhibition Building (lookie at the pic-pic) where ill b taking my exams..n oh more thing, its also a World Heritage Site..i knwww ..!! ill b taking my exams at a World.Heritage.Site (haha so jakun..:P) is soo different from my college’s great hall..which first i thought was REALLY a BIG change from my skola’s hall…ohh and i just found out my exams finish quite early :)..which is great because it means i can go back early (oh pls..pleeassee.. let there be just one more seattt on that plane)..

p/s:i am currently realllyy addicted to this song called ‘funny little frog‘ by Belle and Sebastien 🙂 (gone are the days of them mushy songs..hee)


till later,



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