funny little frog

first and foremost. ateqs, aina and I made kuih raye hereee!!!oh happy me :D..last thursday, i woke up at 3 pm…yeayea i knoww thats like super uber late bt then again, my biological clock has been quite crazy since the zaman of the 2ooo word now i have “evolved” into a nocturnal creature (??) practically leaving in another time zone *phooey* and oyy..classes start next monday *double phooeeyy*..well okok..let’s get back to some happy thoughts..that thursday, it was suppose to rain..but it was SOOO sunnyy n i freakin slept till 3 pm *ppfftt*..and it wud b later if aina didnt ring me..haha..n soo i got my butt up and went straaaigghtt to go see aina in melbourne central n helped her pick out stuf for her parents..just so u knoww..i HATE wasting a sunny day..anyhoo..that n aina went to ateq’s place to bake then ended up making soft oatmeal cookies which were sooo ultimately..definitely…the best oatmeal cookie ive tasted eva!!tada!!

..hee..and then..browniess..which were reallllyyy chocollatteeyyy n moiissstt..:)..n lastly..made blueberry muffins and cupcakess..n wen we were done it was almost 12 am..n soo me n aina pun slept over cz didnt dare to go before that..ate a hell-lot of cookies and brownies and muffinss…the nex day ughh..stil felt n ateqs went to the beach!!..oooh it was soooo stil, i like aruba’ s waaayyy better…and at sunset u cud see (tho the possibility is realllyyy..realllyy LOW) penguins and uh…water rats (yea weird i knwww)..hahaha..and the day before that or so, me n kam went to the Carlton Gardens and relived our childhood there..(well i was more into it..hehe)..played on the swings!!..was soo happy didnt have to queue like 10 years ago..haha talk about sugar rush~..oh yea n i went to the museum 3 times in a weekk!!(its free for students) oh geeky the museum here is awesommeeee!!..and i was boreeedd..!!and next to the museum its this building called the Royal Exhibition Building (lookie at the pic-pic) where ill b taking my exams..n oh more thing, its also a World Heritage Site..i knwww ..!! ill b taking my exams at a World.Heritage.Site (haha so jakun..:P) is soo different from my college’s great hall..which first i thought was REALLY a BIG change from my skola’s hall…ohh and i just found out my exams finish quite early :)..which is great because it means i can go back early (oh pls..pleeassee.. let there be just one more seattt on that plane)..

p/s:i am currently realllyy addicted to this song called ‘funny little frog‘ by Belle and Sebastien 🙂 (gone are the days of them mushy songs..hee)


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and now i can breath again…

happyyy birrthhdddaayyy tooo meeeee :)..yesshh im officially NOT a teenager i dont feel that age at all..its the first time ever im not celebrating me-being-older(oyy)with my even teary eyed with my mom’s bday msg then surrounded by my darling friends!mucho gracias to kamynudsainateqs :D..u guys made my day..!!anyhoo…i just finished my 2 essaysss..n no moreee til nex sem!!*yay*..n now i can breathe again..n another good thing is.. its the holliess!!!…cant wait to go EVERYWHERE..especially the BEACHES..cant wait cant wait cant waitttt!!..

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the love bug

is it just me or do i see more couples more than usual?…theyre everywhere!in the lift, in the park, in the shops, u name it!sure ade…the love bug has definitely infected the people in melbourne!!..gues im not infected yet or most probably immune to it or brain’s kinda mushy nw due to lack of sleep cz was doing last minute studying for a genetics test today so pardon my random-ness AND crappiness..=P..nw that all my tests are finished..its part II with my new best friends-psycho n management books~..=|..4000 words by nex tuesday..ohboyohboy…*deado*..oohh i cant wait cant wait cant waaaaiitt for the 2 weeks of holiday..!!bt then again, ill b more than happy when i finish those 2 essays..=)..okok enuf nerdiness from to sum more interesting stuff..*drummmrollll*

Saturday, 6th september, 11-1am,
it was one of the best times i had for ‘o8..we (raf, dina, im, oh yea..n nuds) surprised kamy with a mini bday party!..takdela party sangat but we had cake tho..heheh..nuds had sumting planned for kamy before that and they went to the park..and he did his ‘thang’ n raf helped him set up the candles n all and dina gave him the idea (sumting like that)..n well we waited for them back in the apartment for her ‘sort of’ 2nd surprise..and all of us set up the “balcony” with candles and the that the minute she comes in..she’ll see us first..=)..n yeaaa~ she was soooo surprised …unexpectable kan kam? *sniffed* n sobbed* it was good fun!..we had cake and talked and took picturess..later that nite, nuds belanje churrooss (spanish donut which u would imagine donuts being round and poofy and got a hole in the middle..ini tak..its like chakoi?..not sure wether thats spelled anyways..back to the story mory..)..and we makan2 at the park…n of course more cam-whoring of ourselves lagi…to cut the story short (eventho i already cerita panjang2) was a great nite..=)

the cake story
haha..yupyup! the cake also has its own was alll last minute..i went out with aina on the same day! and thankfully kamy didnt follow which she intially did want to bt thank god for the 37 cases she has to first i wanted to just buy some cupcakes and put candles on them ..sumting like that then not much choices so me n aina were like “where’s the cake shop dagnamiit!!its almost 5 pm!!!”..come to think of it..i was the one saying that the WHOLE every 5 minutess…huhu..n soo..we found this bakery called the crown..and oh the poor shop assistant..was bamboozling her with questions like, “which cake eh is the most popular?”, “what does that cake taste like?”, “is it a sponge cake or a brownie cake? is it like chewy?” and and..”what do u suggest?..are u sure??”..haha kesian i
chose black forest and was reallllyyy goooodddd..!

hookkaay, nw i REALLY need sum sleep….zzZzz

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the whoozy ramble

feeling *whoozy* due to i-dont-know-what. and its been goin on since like forevaa (more like since 11 am)…theres like a 99.996 percent im NOT goin to psych tutorial..huuu n that reminds me..i gotta fnish my essayssss ..both of which are 2000 words..what in the world am i gonna write that’s gonna b 2000 went to the merdeka celeb at fed square (federation square) was….a lil….*dead*..tink it was because of the weather jugak..windy and i had one of my betty moments where my umbrella flipped the other[betty moments definition:i become ugly betty..~] hey, it made me realise how i miss home soo much..neways.. gonna go try n hilangkan my *whooziness* nw..

till later,


p/s:i pretty much look like that nw =(