the n*de parade and the green zombies

WARNING:The following blog may contain sexual references and nudity and not fit for children below the age of 18. Parents are advised to give guidance where thought to be appropriate.

there i was, in the second row listening to a lecture bout management n leadership..bla bla..then suddenly i heard the drumming of seems like hundreds of footsteps coming closerrr and closerrr..then right in front of me..totally naked students running in front of the WHOLE lecture..yeshh not even a thread on their notebook went automatically up to cover my eyes bt went down after awhile..did i mentioned that i was seating in the 2nd row???..yeah i got a full frontal view of the crazy dudes and girls running around naked..xcited?NO..culture shocked?yepyep!! nw i can say, “i saw the real thangsss” was prush week (not sure if thats the right spelling)..its wen the students just go do reallly randomm and crazzy for the part of the green zombies, i went to my nex class-bio which was in another theatre and we had..zombies dressed in green~ with the fakest blood ive ever seen..(i tot they look more like possessed christmas elves who just finished painting a great big red toy truck or something) it was a realllyyy good way to shoo off the sleepiness .hee..they even had the song ‘Thriller’ by Michael Jackson playing and them dancing to it..really funny!! bt not so funny when i had that song stuck in my head for practically the whole day..haha!..

till later,



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