sane mind gone hiccup-ish

yepp..that’s right these past 2 weeks, i have been doing things totally out of my sane mind..i mean usually when i do stuff..i usually think over it over n over n OVER again until i finally come to sum decision (yep people, i am not a GREAT decision, let the dramas begin~
firstly, i recorded (well not me, sumone else named sally-the director)for a play in a recording an hour plus2 or so..and it was great fun! =) i reallyyyy did NOT expect any of it..(u probably have NO idea what im babbling signed up to be part of a play, specifically to be in a there i was expecting a room full of people bt then there were only 3 of us..and soo..sally (the director) asked us to go into the recording booth and sing(yesh..with the headphones and the big microphone and the lyrics pinned to the wall bla bla..) ..while she records..which made me think “what in the world did i get myself in“..hahaha yupyup! random i am~..neways, after rehearsing quite a bit we were finally done..(with the first song..haha)..i was back the nex following day to the record the rest of the songs..and sally(the director)said she shall give me the soundtrack n the i can hear how funny i sound..probably cant hear me sing yea..while i was waiting for her to come fetch me at the foyer of the VCA film school i was listening to this dude playing the guitar ..(thoughts:AWEFREAKINSOME!!! he had THE look..=P)he had the fastest right hand (strumming the guitar)i have ever ever ever seen before in my entire life..

okok..2nd hiccup:as u know or may not knw..stevie wonder..yepyep..THE stevie coming to aussie!!lol…so close yet so far i said..he is such a gifted person..n itll b realllyyyy great if i can meet him…and soo i did the 2nd thing which is totally out of my sane mind, with the go from mama of course, i bought a ticket for his concert~..its sorta like a birthday present from yeah..those are hiccups seriously, i loike doin stuf totally out of my usual stuf i do..i mean..i have been holding back quite many times in my life before n i guess its time to start to not hold back n just do whtever i wanna do..yea there are certainly regrets from me holding back before…

bt hey, its too never too late rite?..=)

till later,


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