dashing through the snow

the ski trip was superrbbbb!!!(dan memenatkan cos jatuh entah berape kali already..hahah)newayss, ill tell u riiggghhtt from the start. 3.30am:alarm rings..(come to think of it, its a really annoying alarm sound!gotta remember to change it..)*snooze*..then wakey wakey..washed up n all n woke kamy up..hailed a cab n rushed to fed square..it was suuuuppper uuubeerr COLD!proof:u cud see small “clouds” everytime u breathe..met up with the rest, jo shobs miza dina nuds n syu n off we go on the bus..i wass sosososo dizzy n nauseous n i cudnt wait for the 3hours ++ to pass by..dahla gelap cannot see any scenery at all..was waiting for the sun to go up so i can at least see something ..so yeah then we went to get all our ski gear (seriously, it weighs a ton!berat!!…kasut?berat..practically dragging my feet everywhere~)then, went on the bus to go to the mountain..sumbat everything in the “boot” and off we go..the view:spectacular!..it was snowinggg and the trees were white..its like christmas in august!i was in awe the whole time we were driving up the hill (oh yea, it WAS also scary..the roads are SO shmallll)..sampai there, we grabbed our gear n rushed dragged ourselves to the 11 o’clock lesson..i had a hard time putting on my boots n had help from practically everyone..sheesh..then we went on a chairlift!!.now that was FUN..i went with dina nuds n kamy ..first, we thought like WHOA takde safety harness ke?..everyone kinda leaned backwards coz there was nuthing at the front..tgk2 nuds turunkan the safety metal thingy..(which i was holding onto..=P)n then we were like ,”aahh .. nw we feel safe” lol.nampak sangat keamateuran..hee..so ski we goo..me n kam went to the skiing lesson which i fell numerous times without fail..n i fell everywhere! i even collided with the instructor, became a road block and bla bla bla..then after tired from skiing (in my case falling down)we went to makan fish n chips..which was yummy due to the kelaparan of us..lol. then me n kam (yet again, god knows where the others are) went snow tubing!!..dat was real real reallll fun!..b4 that we had to go up the hill to there and wanted to take the t-bar(where u hold onto a bar n ski naik the bukit)..kamy tried first n failed!..hahah so i dint dare to try..(if she cud fall..oh boy..ill b rolling down the hill definitely!..hahah)afterwards was just countless sessions of camwhoring..under a tree..on the snow..with the scenery ..had a mini snowball fight wen jo came along =)..n then time to go home..nuds somehow got lost so me kam me n jo were calling and searching him frantically then suddenly out of the blue..nuds came along..(n everyone was like “thank godddd” ..i had scenarios conjuring up in my head already..lol)..so with a *bump* and an *ouch* up we go, on the chairlift to go back down. n i gotta tell u the view was really breathtaking!..n yessshh i took pictures (yea i knw i knw..was risking for my camera to go byebye all th way down bt i just had had to take that chancee =P)..on the bus..i felt as though i was stil wearing those heavylifting boots and realised i got a bruise on my thumb (who gets a bruise on their thumb la??weirddd)..the journey home wasnt too bad..the bus driver put on kungfu panda!..which i reallllyyy liked and all of us slept in the bus until we FINALLY arrived in fed square again. went straight to go makan (was reallllly hungry coz used up the energy to ski or to snowboard-well in my case, falling down…..just so u knw it is very very veryyyy tiring to get up after falling down again n again..lol)n then took a tram to go home..and home we wereee…(by the way, i cud have sworn when i approached the apartment, the door was like, “aaahhh” *angels singing*)

till later,

kays =)

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