the drum-roll and the brain-dead

it is now…12.42 am and i just cant sleep idea y..n im realllllyyy hungryy!my tummys doin its own drum solo..oyy plus m gonna wake up at 3.30 am (well in this case suppose must wake up at 3.30am)..haha yea u must b wondering y (or not!) a ski trip to go to~..yupyup with snowww and more more more snoowww..come to think of it im pretty excited (because of that kot cannot sleep no more..=P)
my brain is kinda mushy my blogability is kinda like *bleargghh* ill just ramble on like i always do.. m now addicted to another song called ‘sway‘ by the perishers..a really nice song..meaningful n deep..theyre a 4 piece band (yess..stating the obvious)and they r from Umeå sweden! u knw… where ikea comes from..howd ya think they come up with all those funny and unpronouncable names for furniture,example, barnslig for sleeping bag and kaxig for a lamp ( imagine one day ur asking ur mom “hey mom where is the barnslig?”)..hahah..ok its nono dont xpect sum kind of swedish accent in the song(is there?..i was imagining those yodeleyheehooo!)..anyways anyhow they do sound european..heyyy look at the picture..where is that dark dude looking?yeayea i know *random*..okok back to the group, they kinda sound like a mix between coldplay and keane (u knww the airyy type of music) n i totally recommend it!=)..and another gud artist is hayley sales who’s from vancouver and she JUST turned 20!she interviewed the Dalai Lama, produced her major major label debut album Sunseed which she wrote all the songs and is the sole producer (have i mentioned that she JUST turned 2-0! and im gonna b 20 in a few months..oyy)
neways, u shud listen to one of her songs ‘What you Want’ its really good..u kinda feel like ur on an island..lepaking, just lying there soaking in the sun…god datll feel great nw..its sooooo coollldd..kayla..i reallly gotta try get sum sleep 3.5 hours..not enuf!.

till later,



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