its another flip of a page

yay~..i have FINALLY arrive here in melbourneeee!!nonono not for a holiday (i wish) bt to study my degree in BSc (potential lab rat). Aaannwayss, this pic is THE first sight of aussie so i just had to take a pic of it. btw, did u know that the engines of this plane is made by Rolls-Royce peeple (yeap, that RR)..
first impression of this place:sejuk!!i arrived here at night so couldnt c so much but definitely felt the cold .
second impression:the place is beautifoooll..really its so different than my old college (haha). I arrived at the airport on friday ’round 7.10pm (aussie time). the airport is reaaaaalllyy kecil compared to klia. so there i was, alone, cold, homesick(god, i sound depressing) getting out of the plane and going thru very very very lengthy customs. was sniffed by dogs by the customs (no, not me alone..eeevveeryybodyy). then i went to look for the airport pickup dude, found him n wait sum more (for the other people being picked up) and he drove us all to our locations. Mine was the second last and the driver kinda got sesat finding sum location so i had a view of the city at night. really preettyy =). after which feels like forever hee, i arrived at my apartment. kamy n nuds was waiting for me n they helped me wif my ton-of-bricks (luggage). my room is suuuupperrrr cold coz the whole length of the room on one side are windows. n the on the other side was the oh-so-big cupboard with gigantic mirrors (not xagerating). then, we went to c kamy’s parents and slept over for 2 nites. the nex few days was mostly shopping for essential stuf for the apartment and i also visited the university. i was awed by the sight of it. yeah, really. i stil cant believe that im here. i cant even believe that i went to my old college of truly blessed =D.
21 july 08‘its another flip of a page’ thats all i can say as the university life starts!..with an orientation which if u dont go, no one would notice u in 42 thousand students knwin me i went (being goody-2-shoes-me says jojo). it was okay..i think. not much of an orientation.thers TONS of clubs n societies..some weird some cool some just…y is it a club again? yea..i think wait i KNW im gna enjoy my whole 3++years here..
last sunday, i went to this place called Victoria Market. It has sooooo banyak barang. try picturing petaling street bt a wee bit cleaner..i went with aina n ateqs (aina’s frend) to buy some veggies n fruits. oh oh n i had the best EVER tasting doughnut!!..american doughnuts with strawberry jelly and most importantly, freesshhhly MADE..!.i also had borek(yea i knww it sounds reallllyy funnyy bt its reallllyy good) which is sum kind of middle eastern food. n vic market is a great place to find ur souvenirs and do some christmas shoppinggg(fyi, im not paid to advertise this..haha). so anyways, classes have started n the workload has reaaaallly begin to *kaboosshh* at me. cant play round no more..(well, mayb a bit =P)..classes are fun eventhough theres tooo many people in a lecture (3 freakinnn hundredd!!) compared to classes in college (max:16). sometimes it can get realllyy boring cos ur always sitting with people u dont knw..n even if u want to make friends they just buat duh je..shamelessly, i kinda tried saying hyeee n smiiillleee to the person nex to me and i kinda make frens with some of them..okok i reallllyy need to get back to my homework..oh btw, the 2nd picture is of a part of the university ..the flowers are really cantik!. and the 3rd picture is of melbourne central . its actually an old factory and they kinda built the melboune central station around it. its like midvalley built round a temple ..oh boy im rambling alreadyy..must.stop.nw..

till later,


p/s: nw currently addicted to a song called ‘lucky’. no, not that britney spears version..its a duet by jason mraz n colbie caillat (is that how u spell her name?)..nways, i totally recommend it!..=)

pp/s: i miss hooommee! =(


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