am now waiting 13 freakin hours!!! for this certain file to dload. sheesh. should hv put a faster internet service or smething but yet, i might get hooked.[n i always do..=P].so anyways, tomorrow am goin to c the ….*drumroll*! [ahaha..yeah i know LAME..but i had to entertain myself in someway at this hour] honestly, i m super duper ooper scared of any dentist of any race or how gentle they can b or whatever. as long as they are called a dentist or teeth tech [is there such a thing?], i m totally terrified of em. i have never ever had my teeth tampal-ed and i m pretty sure im gonna get one 2moro, or two [due to the o-so-bad manners ive been takin on lately] *gawd*..u know whn u go to the dentist or hospital they have this smell..makes u go *sniff* and then *puke*..[in my case lah]..maybe im just being utterly paranoid but still, what if…something goes wrong. there is this one time i had to get a baby tooth out and they injected my gums. and i cudnt talk for like an hour or so..i mean cudnt talk properly. for an hour it wus like, “hewo, can aiyh yaf yay shoda?” [translation: helo can i have a soda?]..oyy

till later.


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