sucker for stars

People come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and yeah, bout 2 xtremes! Some of em I wished I never met em and well, some of em are just one in a bagajillion(reallllyyy big number).. But anyways, I have met some people people who i have classified in 3 groups..of course there are more species but for nw..

People who come along once, and never ever again

I was in my “kampung” visiting my granpa and I was at a bar and restaurant with my mom..they had some music and the people were dancing to was quite late but the music was still on and while I was sittin down (it was nice and windy + the stars were out and Im one of those sucker 4 stars..haha..=P) anyways, this elderly guy (maybe fifty-ish) came and sit down with his drink and asked me (and my mom) y we werent went sort of like this..

Elderly guy with red face and drink: helo there~.. y arent u ladies dancing? (did sort of a dance move)
Me: haha..(smiles politely)
Mom: hahah..oh noo..
My brain: haha…!!!lil ol me?dancing??..NO FREAKKINN WAYYY..!!not where anyone can c it..!

we thought he was drunk (indicated by the champagne he was having and the red face..oh yeah, he was an orang puteh..) but as the conversation continued (bout where we live n wut we do and wut he does n etc etc.) he wasn’t drunk ..he was just..well havin his name is Gary n he’s from the US ..he was there with his wife and he has multiple phDs (and my brain goes: whoaaa..freakkkin smaarrtt dudee!) BIG PLUS..he knows Stevie Wonder! (yes, the black dude with the those shades and THE piano/keyboard whizz) they met in a hotel and he jammed (guitar) with stevie wonder!! stevie wonder’s hotel room!!..(pardon me, but it’s stevie wonder!..XP)..annnywayss, I learnt that his wife has cancer (stage 4) and she has gone for multiple therapies and nothing seems to work..(sad..really)..and then he asked me what did I wanted to do?. As in as a career..and me being me said ..i dno..maybe something in the medical field..but wtever it is not a doctor ..n he gave me some advice and told me (a bagajillion times) to always put education matter we talked some more and we xchanged addresses n phone numbers..wen I got back home, I emailed him but never got a reply..n till this day,I have never heard of him again..that was about 3 years is sooo true that people walk in n out of your life and they reallly leave footprints in ur life..this guy ..Gary I don’t think ill ever forget him..

People who hurt u badly but the hurt just makes u stronger

What doesn’t destroy u, just makes u stronger right?(super true!)..they have been in my life for well quite a long enough time to make me love them and care a lot bout every one of em. We hang out, talk, pull pranx..practically everything.. but people change as time passes by, and most of the time its not for the better. After everything you have done for em, they just kinda forget and stomp all over u with their big giant feet..yeah, it hurts at first but later on.. I just got so numb that I really didn’t care at a certain point. The bond was breakin and we drifted further n further apart. Eventhough I tried to patch things up, but it just didn’t work . when people change, they just become a completely different person. I dint even know em anymore. So it, ended just like *poof*.. Unbelieveable at first, but it turned out to be the right thing to do.for that period of time, I had no idea that my tear tangki could contain that much chubby rain. It was so hard at first and life became kinda empty. But with my mom’s support n advice, n I realised that I deserve wayy better than that.. and should just move on, which was what I did..=)

People who take a chunk of ur heart , but give a whole bigger chunk of their heart back to you

Soo..these are the kind of people who really really loves u unconditionally and will b by ur side when ur just down in the dumps or u just need some sunshine in that cloudy world of yours.These people(well, person) is my mom. Ill admit, we had some rough times but somehow, we get along great. She is my best friend and I tell her everything. She was there when I thought my life sucks (being melodramatic me..=P) .but yeah, I really appreciate and love her a lot.

so yeah, people walk in n people walk out but some of em stay there and some of em u chase out.. some of em u just wanna bury them 6 feet underground and some of em u wanna keep them in a treasure chest and keep them locked forever..haha.but anyhow, everything that happens is for a reason and u just gotta learn from the mistakes uve made (ive made)..

till later.




yeshh.. i m proud to say that i have ‘survived’ the face to face with!!. he was talkative [as usual]..i stil dont understand how can i talk while having stuff in my mouth..but i tried..=)..since my visit 2 years ago, he still asked me if i wanted to be a dentist or not..n i said nahh..i dint have the passion for it. y do something that doesnt make u happy..[y make someone happy who doesnt make u happy]..honestly, if i had a chance, i would really wanna go to a music school and study music. but alas, reality strikes and u just gotta do something that will guarantee ur future n everything. anyways, that reminds me. i gotta go study..heh

till later.


am now waiting 13 freakin hours!!! for this certain file to dload. sheesh. should hv put a faster internet service or smething but yet, i might get hooked.[n i always do..=P].so anyways, tomorrow am goin to c the ….*drumroll*! [ahaha..yeah i know LAME..but i had to entertain myself in someway at this hour] honestly, i m super duper ooper scared of any dentist of any race or how gentle they can b or whatever. as long as they are called a dentist or teeth tech [is there such a thing?], i m totally terrified of em. i have never ever had my teeth tampal-ed and i m pretty sure im gonna get one 2moro, or two [due to the o-so-bad manners ive been takin on lately] *gawd*..u know whn u go to the dentist or hospital they have this smell..makes u go *sniff* and then *puke*..[in my case lah]..maybe im just being utterly paranoid but still, what if…something goes wrong. there is this one time i had to get a baby tooth out and they injected my gums. and i cudnt talk for like an hour or so..i mean cudnt talk properly. for an hour it wus like, “hewo, can aiyh yaf yay shoda?” [translation: helo can i have a soda?]..oyy

till later.