one of my fondest memories is being back on the island
we always stayed at the same resort
with that big windmill upfront, adorned in red, yellow and white
colours so bright that are so characteristically belonging to that island
the island is riddled with bright coloured houses like this one
through the lobby, there is a small swimming pool with blue striped lazy chairs aligning the borders. More often than not, you can see iguanas just enjoying the heat or even taking a swim in the pool
you could smell the fresh island breeze and feel the bask of that golden tropical sun
if I could imagine what heaven was like, this would definitely be part of it
among the shrubs, there are these tiny pots filled with sugary water
and you can see these tiny birds taking a sneak drink out of these pots
buzzing through the bar area and the gardens
island life is defo for me.


para mi

“When you’re climbing the ladder, the heaviest piece of clothing you wear is often your pride”

“Words lie, actions lie too, consistency speaks the truth”

“Eff a plan B”

“Don’t give up before you even try”


“Never push a loyal person to the point where they no longer care”

“Stress is caused by giving a fuck”

For the last point, it’s either good or bad stress
Good stress is when you actually give a lot of f*cks and it’s actually worth it
Bad stress is when in reality, no f*cks should ever be given, ’cause ain’t nobody got time for that shiz
Recognise the difference early and learn to let go.